Confident Shopping

Define the vision for a new digital product that would inspire online shoppers to feel confident that they have made a smart purchase.



My role

Senior Designer, Project Manager

Key tasks

  • Competitive analysis
  • User testing
  • Wireframe and prototype creation

Identify the opportunity space

What we did

One of the leading financial institutions hired our agency to identify new product opportunities that support customers while they shop online. We engaged in an initial discovery phase to understand the online shopping journey, what typical behaviors and sentiments people have around online shopping, and what products were currently on the market that were supporting these behaviors.

What we learned

We did secondary research, competitive audits and launched diary studies to learn:

  • The market is saturated with products to aid in purchasing, but the unique position our client had could qualify them to produce a trusted product or service in the space.
  • There are various factors that help people feel confident in their purchase decisions (price, return policy, etc).
  • People will use multiple tools and resources at the time of purchase to alleviate the uncertainty of buying something online.

"I would take advantage of any cash back resource from any platform. I would want to maximize money earned for doing nothing beyond shopping online."

- Research Participant

Test value propositions

What we did

From our initial research phase, we were able to assess which feature sets and attributes of a product would be most valuable to customers during their shopping journey. Based on this information, we created two value propositions for potential products to test with customers. The goal of this round of testing was to learn if customers understood what the products did, when they wanted these products to "show up" in their shopping flow and how it made them feel about their purchase.

What we learned

  • Brand and tone of the concepts affected the perception of how helpful or reliable the product would be.
  • People want products to be in the background until they need them.
  • The notion of creating instant gratification at the time of a purchase was important.

Validation and refinement

What we did

Moving forward with the "winning" concept, we refined the value proposition and feature sets. We revised and extended our high fidelity wireframes to validate the product offerings were clear and valuable, and that it was seamlessly integrated into their shopping experience to address shoppers' need to feel confident.

What we learned

  • It's three key features and the way it surfaced information proactively made the product a valuable assistant.
  • There was a desire for content and information surfaced to be more relevant to the context and product they were looking at.

Delivering findings and assets

What we did

For the final deliverable, my team and I documented all of the findings and recommendations from our three rounds of research to inform any future product strategy and design. Included was a high level customer journey to illustrate the value of the product and how it could be used. To accompany this documentation, we designed and annotated high fidelity wireframes of key screens of the product; showing how the content or information would change or scale depending on where the customer was within the shopping flow.


Our client was extremely happy and impressed with the results of our effort. And, being backed by a number of qualitative research methods, could be used as a strong foundation to inform the creation of a new product.

Much of what we learned is about how a Financial Service provider can extend its relationship with customers into the retail experiences in ways that are credible and offer clear user value.